No…..sadly we didn’t the lottery haha, but it is the name of a tv series we have been addicted to lately and the opening scene is a beautiful aerial shot of the New York Harbor with the Hudson River on the left and the East River to the right. I knew that one day in the not too distant future, we would be cruising in those same waters past all the tour boats, cargo ships and best of all the Statue of Liberty!

We pulled out of Atlantic City early in the morning and 9 hours later we were docked at the Liberty Landing Marina.

Upon arriving at the marina, we (Jeff) had some major cleaning in the engine room. We recently had the fuel filters changed and the bleed valve on one of the filters had not been properly tightened. Diesel fuel managed to leak on the floor and into the bilge making for a nasty clean up. When all was said and done, we hopped on the Liberty Landing ferry and went into the city for a late dinner.

We ate at the Gotham Bar and Grill on the recommendation of friends. The weather was so pleasant, we walked to dinner. People of all ages were everywhere enjoying the evening and we passed several charming neighborhood restaurants and parks. One park in particular, Washington, has a scaled down version of the Arc de Triumph with a beautiful pond and fountain. Lit up at night, the park was stunning!

Washington Square Park

Our dinner did not disappoint and was well worth the long walk to the restaurant. The trip back to the boat was another story. The ferry shuts down at 8:45, so we had to find an alternative route back across the Hudson. We ended up catching the subway to Hoboken where we were supposed to catch a PATH train to Liberty Park, but we couldn’t find the train. It’s now close to midnight! Fortunately we were able to catch an Uber back, but we drove through some pretty sketchy areas and I was very relieved when we arrived at the marina!

view of NYC from Hoboken, NJ
View off the back of our boat at Liberty Landing

We rode our bikes all around Manhattan and NYC the next few days. We knew our time was limited so we rode by as many of the major landmarks as was possible. Our favorite of course was the 911 memorial and One World Observatory. We took the guided tour and highly recommend doing that. It made me sad to relive the event and by the end of the two hours we spent in the museum, I walked away just feeling angry! They have done a wonderful job documenting that fateful day and honoring the heroes and all who lost their lives.

We ate lunch here and it was good however, …..little did we know that when we ordered a glass of tea it was $5 and so were the refills!! $20 for tea lol!! Live and learn…
911 Memorial in the foreground, the Oculus (subway/shopping mall) is the strange looking object in the back and the 911 Museum is back right
One World Observatory
View of the Brooklyn Bridge from the (very dirty windows) of One World Observatory

Another highlight of the trip was getting tickets to the Broadway show Hamilton! We rode our bikes from downtown along the Hudson river on the bike path all the way to the Richard Rogers Theater on West 46th St. 5 MILES!!!

I was a bit nervous thinking about having to ride back to the boat after the show, thinking about the previous sketchy Uber ride the day before. When we arrived at the theater there happened to be a Marriott hotel right next door and there was no doubt in my mind where we would be spending the night! We checked in, put our bikes in the room, pressed our clothes and headed off to enjoy the show!

That evening, we strolled through Times Square. This was Jeff’s first trip to NYC and he was amazed by all the neon billboards and crazy people. We had a late dinner at Tony di Napoli’s (old school Italian!) then back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!

Time Square insanity…
View of Time Square from our hotel room

The next morning we rode our bikes through Central Park, down 5th Avenue toward the Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, the financial district and Battery Park! We passed St. Patricks Cathedral and Trinity church among many other interesting sights.

Beautiful garden along the bike path
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Grand Central Station
Trinity Church
Cemetery at Trinity Church . We love to read the old headstones!
St. Paul’s Chapel, opened in 1766 is the oldest public building in continuous use and the only remaining Colonial-era church in Manhattan. George Washington prayed after his inaugural as the first president of the United States. It was located right next to the World Trade Center towers and was left unscathed after the towers collapsed on 911.
Friends traveling aboard their Fleming met up with us in NYC and we explored the city together on our bikes!
Christopher, Jeff and Maren

The next morning we would be leaving NY and heading up the East River and Long Island Sound. We had about 5 days to get the boat to Point Judith Harbor in Rhode Island as we had to fly to Atlanta to babysit our grands!

Leaving New York City….just passed under the Brooklyn Bridge