Annapolis to Baltimore

We woke up early to catch a flight into Washington, DC. After arriving in DC, we drove about an hour or so to the marina located in Edgewater, MD where the QM was awaiting patiently for our arrival. We visited with the folks at Burr Yachts for a bit then we loaded our bags onto the boat and were off to Annapolis! We didn’t have far to go, about 9-10 nautical miles and it would only take us about 1-1/2 hrs. We headed out the South River, dodging crab pot floats along the way. Once we reached the Chesapeake, it was smooth sailing! We passed a fleet of small sailboats racing and because it was a holiday weekend, there were many boats of all sizes enjoying the water with us! As we entered the Chesapeake, we rounded the picturesque Thomas Point Shoal light station which appeared to be a popular fishing spot this day!

Approaching the harbor at Annapolis, we were greeted via horn by a vessel passing us to our port. It was Dress Gray, a 75′ Fleming whom we met at last year’s Rendezvous!

The Naval Academy was to our starboard as we entered the harbor on our way to City Dock. The dock is located in the heart of downtown on a narrow canal called ‘Ego Alley’ – so named because of all the boats that cruise up and down the canal to see and be seen! It is lined on one side with restaurants that sit at the water’s edge with boats tied up in front of them as well as boats on the opposite side tied up at City Dock – leaving a narrow channel for boats who are just cruising in and out -OR – trying to dock.

To complicate matters, there is a water taxi service that operates here and they are constantly coming and going as well as a “pirate ship” that peruses the channel. You get the picture right!? Now throw in the fact it’s Labor Day weekend and we chose to dock here? LOl! It was a bit nerve racking, but turned out to be fine – we were in the heart of things and it was quite entertaining watching all the other boats.

We offloaded our bikes and toured the town a bit. The streets are cobblestone and lined with charming turn of the century homes – some renovated more than others. Small boutiques and restaurants line Main Street. Market House, located right next to City Dock, has a bakery, gelato station, oyster bar, fresh produce and more. Midshipman from the Academy in their dress whites are out in full force enjoying the weekend with their families and friends.

It was a nice evening and we rode our bikes across the little harbor bridge into Eastport for dinner at Carol’s Cafe.  Just as we arrived back at the boat, a huge rainstorm blew in and nearly drenched us!  I guess we should  check the weather before we head off on the bikes in the future!

The next morning, we headed over to the Naval Academy for a tour. There were certain areas off limits as the burial of Senator John McCain was taking place there the following day. We were able to tour a few buildings and probably the most fascinating was Bancroft Hall. It is the dormitory for the entire campus and houses all 4000 midshipman! It is huge!! There are 4.8 miles of corridors connecting all the wings. It was designed by a French architect and it is quite impressive and beautiful. There was a wedding taking place in the Chapel so we weren’t able to go in, however, we did get to tour the crypt beneath it where John Paul Jones is buried.

After the tour, we rode our bikes to Main St. for lunch and shopping!

That evening we met up with friends Lynn and Tom (and their guests Sylvana and Tod) for dinner at the Chart House. After a lovely dinner and conversation, we went back to the boat, played some cards and then called it a night since we would be heading out in the morning for Baltimore. There is so much more to see here, both in Annapolis and on the waters of the Chesapeake…we look forward to returning!

The next morning, we cruised north to Baltimore to spend the night at Harbor East Marina. There is a lot to see and do all along the waterfront and we covered a lot of ground on our bikes. We even rode our bikes right up to the gates of the Baltimore Orioles ballpark at Camden Yards. It is a great outdoor park and I’d love to attend a game there with the Astros!

We spent the evening wandering the cobblestone streets of the historic Fells Point with lots of pubs, eating establishments and plenty of people watching! A group of low riding three wheel motorcycles/cars? drove by with their bass blasting. Another car using hydraulics jacked itself up and literally cruised down the street on only two wheels!

My favorite part though, was just sitting on the boat and looking out over the water at the skyline! Under Armour and the Domino Sugar company both have headquarters on the waterfront and the Domino Sugar sign was visible both day and night from our marina.

It took us about 4-1/2 hours to return back to our base marina in Annapolis, we cleaned up the boat then caught an Uber back to DC for our flight home. The next time we come back it will truly be fall in the northeast and I’m looking forward to cruising in the cool air!

To view my first attempt at documenting our trip via video from this trip click here .

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