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We had so many pictures of family, friends and scenery that I needed to edit them down…WAY down…. lol.  I apologize in advance if there are still too many…..

Arriving in the idyllic harbor of Hopetown…

IMG_8625 copy

The historic Elbow Reef Lighthouse.  It is one of the last manually operated lighthouses in the WORLD!  The lighthouse keeper must wind up the weights every two hours in order to keep it running during the night.  We actually took the grand kids up for a private “lighting” tour.  It was fascinating.  For more history  on the lighthouse click here.

IMG_8629 copy

The harbor….This photo actually makes it look bigger than it really is.  Every day at noon and every evening at 6pm the church across the way played music with their bells.  The music softly rang out over the harbor and we loved to recline on the bow while listening.  And,  as if that wasn’t enough, throw in the  “conch blowing” which took place at sunset by the various boats anchored in the harbor and it was quite idyllic!  I was so enamored with this custom I had a local make me my very own conch so I could participate!  Oh yes I did!

IMG_8637 copy

The scenery everywhere you looked was amazing!  Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, colorful buildings, bright pinks orchids, purple bougainvilla and an abundance of other tropical flora and fauna!  Colorful cottages lined the hills and shorelines.


We reserved a slip at the wonderful Hopetown Inn and Marina and made this our home base for the next eight weeks.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about being here!  Everything was absolutely perfect and the people were so friendly.  They have a water taxi that will take you to town which is just across the harbor.  It only takes 5 minutes and it will pick you up whenever you need it!  Just be sure to bring your VHF radio with you so you can hail them…otherwise you will just have to wait until they come by the dock.   The pool, restaurant and bar were all great.  I highly recommend the “not yo mamma’s grill cheese” for lunch (you may want to split that-it’s so rich) and also the smoked lobster dip!  I would order the dip then bring it back to the boat for cocktail hour!  For dinner, the Thai Seafood Curry was hands down my fave.

Monday nights people from all over attended Cap’n Jacks BINGO night!  It was $2 per card and if  you won …you had to  yell “Jacks” instead of Bingo lol… you could  easily win $300 or more!  Not bad!  I was lucky enough to win twice!  It’s so popular though you need to arrive an hour and a half before it starts just to get a seat!

Other places to visit are Wine Down Sip Sip for pizza and…of course…wine!  Firefly for dinner and amazing sunset views.  They also make a yummy Firefly tea vodka drink.  The Abaco Inn…sits on a hill and overlooks both the Atlantic Ocean and also the sea of Abaco and the view is spectacular!  Their bar and restaurant had the best Bahamian ambience.   Loved thegrouper piccata and also Sushi night!

Hopetown Inn and Marina6829BB58-F74D-4770-AF87-5511D5CB7F38BD9E1C61-8C4D-4BDE-ABA3-666EADA03A43

The following photos are of friends and family who came to visit… 💕💕💕  Thank you all so much for coming and making our summer in the Bahamas so so special!  Let’s do it again!



80E3459F-F2EF-438D-BDD3-89191C6B894DDisclaimer…I did not actually catch this Mahi…but I sure wish I had!

Ricky and Linda brought their brand new 42’ Pursuit to Hopetown from Stuart, Fl to spend two weeks before they ship her back to their home in Rockport, Tx.  Our mutual friends Rocky and Patty joined them for the ride!  It was so cool to see them pulling into the harbor their first evening!



After spending some time on Elbow Cay we took the Queen Mary north up to Green Turtle Cay.  My two sisters and their spouses joined us!  It isn’t often that we can get together and to be able to spend this time together was special.

This little Island is quite the opposite of Elbow Cay… it has a laid back vibe, a throwback feel to 1970’s Bahamas.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice new homes but the Island and town itself  is still very rustic…in a charming way!  We rented golf carts to tour the Island and we went to the cove where we were told we could hand feed the sea turtles.  That adventure did not disappoint!  You must stop in at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar for her famous Goombay Smash.  It was so good I bought a gallon to take back to the boat.



Our last week in the Abacos was spent with our daughter and her family.  💕💕💕   The grands have truly proven to be water babies and we had the best time with them..Shepherd loved driving the tender with his Papa and Ivy could sit for hours with just a bucket and a scoop!  I asked Shepherd to join me in the water to feed the turtles.  He declined. LOL




0F97D91E-7EB1-49BC-AC41-1FF4FB343EA3More scenic pics…



Our friends Hank and Janice who are also Fleming owners are the ones who encouraged us to take our boat over to the Abacos to join them.  They introduced us to Tim and Jane who spend every April and May here on their sport fisher Lauren J.  Thank ya’ll so much for your hospitality throughout and thank you for introducing us to Cracker P’s and Pete’s Pub!!  I look forward to our next rendezvous!

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  1. I loved ALL of these pictures! They’re works-of-art given your photographic talents and there is NO SUCH THING as too many pictures! What a great time we had!! Inspires me to get to work on my video… Lol. BTW the turtle pics were fabulous… HUGS


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