Bahamas Bound!

We hired a captain to take the Queen Mary to the Bahamas as Jeff didn’t have much time off and neither he nor I wanted to waste time waiting for a weather window.  I decided to make the crossing with the Captain and Jeff would join fly over and join me a few days later.

We left the marina in West Palm Beach at 12:15 a.m.  The seas were calm and we crossed the Gulf Stream without any trouble.  The first six hours it was pretty dark outside.  Even though there was considerable moonlight on the water, it was difficult to see anything so I would sleep off and on through the night while I let the professionals handle things.  However, in the morning it was absolutely beautiful and meditative watching the sun rise as we arrived on the Bahamian Bank.  As the day progressed, fluorescent turquoise colored waters began to surrounded us!  Seventeen hours after leaving WPB, we arrived at Boat Harbor Marina in Marsh Harbor, in the Abacos.  The next day we cleared customs early and then it was off to Elbow Cay and the idyllic little harbor of Hopetown where we would spend the next eight weeks!



Dunbar putting up the Quarantine flag


Celebrating the crossing with our Captain, Dunbar and his mate Jay at Boat Harbor Marina.


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