Happy New Year!

We had some dear friends joining us on the QM to help ring in the New Year and because  the weather was not going to cooperate, we decided we had better do some additional provisioning before heading up to St. Augustine.  Aside from the necessary food and alcohol,  we stocked up on a few games at Target lol!


Our 32nd wedding anniversary was on the 28th.  We had dinner at JT’s just down the road from the marina then headed over to the lobby bar at Hammock Beach resort where we had hot chocolate and played cards while watching football. We are officially old people LOL!


Jim and Lynne met us on the 29th at the Comachee Cove Yacht Harbor.   It was late afternoon and we were all quite hungry so we decided to eat at the Kingfish Grill just down the dock and so glad we did.   We ordered several appetizers to share…tuna trio, oysters on the half shell etc.  when it came time to order our dinner,  Lynne and I loved the tuna trio dish so much that we ordered it again!  Can’t say enough good things about the food and the bartender was a hoot!  We spent the evening on the Queen Mary playing dominos, drinking wine and reminisciscing about the past year.



Breakfast the next morning was just as good 🙂


After breakfast, we headed into old St. Augustine to play tourist. It was so cold because another Norther had blown through. Instead of walking, we decided to take the Old Town Trolley in order to cover as much ground as we could since we were only there for one day. The guide pointed out many interesting sites and was very knowledgeable about the history of everything.  These are just a few of the attractions SA has to offer:


Inside the Memorial Presbyterian Church built by Henry Flagler in memorium of his daughter Jenny who died in childbirth.  The story of this church (and Flagler) is fascinating and I urge you to Google both.  Pictures cannot do it justice.  I would love to go back here and attend a service.


80506EE2-5E42-4B44-9843-B093EFF07ECFB0091A5D-3D2E-4D5B-9A25-8E57400E2189AB35A0E9-B12B-49E2-851F-1AC13AD1D255A1E432BA-FE10-4BC5-BA47-CF826079BEE5422C51F5-7E77-41AB-BDAC-1461B2651E4APhotos  of the former Ponce de Leon Hotel built by Henry Flagler and is now home to Flagler College.


96D53891-D02C-4E74-93B2-EC64E67D7FD5Standing in front of the Lightner Museum – former Alcazar Hotel (on the right) also built by Flagler and now houses one of the finest collections of fine and decorative art.


1D1D4E25-85E4-43A6-B413-63E52C01FD6E.jpegView of the Castillo de San Marcos from our trolley.


D8D3A52D-C5AF-4B12-98FF-BFEA9F3A7E96This attraction was a little disappointing.   I mean it’s the “fountain” of youth!   When I saw this little stream of running water inside a dark room that looked like a museum setup I just sighed.  And please please don’t drink the water!  It tasted nasty and made me a bit nauseous lol…  The good news is that Fountain of Youth is not the only thing to see here. The grounds around it are absolutely gorgeous and there are little vignettes tucked around with people in period costume demonstrating how things would have been done back in the day.  The canon firing demonstration was a lot of fun!





Saturday evening our friends Mitzi and Louis joined us for dinner at a super cute restaurant called Black Fly.  The food was outstanding – super fresh too!  The owner came out and visited with us for quite awhile.  Not only is he an avid fly fisherman-restaurateur, but he is a talented artist and had several pieces of his work on the walls.  One of my favorites was an abstract of a tarpon!




Sunday morning (New Year’s Eve) the sun came out and we headed south on the ICW.  Goodbye St. Augustine..


13F5BE9F-A8E7-438E-84C6-4F362FC0F079 2C55734D-06A7-4495-892A-AF30D056B7EA60869B3B-28A5-4A90-971A-9AC8B179D6B368DA6943-B8AA-42B3-8027-AF41DAF4EE8AC7C199A2-5C68-4BF4-9952-3F7D1F6FD8773B177C8A-A60A-4955-9B66-58A5B6BB7345


The dolphin photos are courtesy of Lynne!

We had dinner New Years Eve at Delfino’s followed by dancing at the Loggerhead bar.  We returned back to the boat shortly before midnight to catch the fireworks that went off just across the Intracoastal Waterway from us. What a wonderful surprise!  It was cold as hell outside but we sat on the bow of the boat drinking champagne.  It was sooooo much fun. We stayed up till 2 am!


Thank you Lynne and Jim for helping make this New Year’s Eve so special!!

2018 Here we come……..


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One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Such a fun and amazing trip! Thank you Mary and Jeff for having us as your guests on the magnificent Queen Mary! What a fantastic way to ring in the new year! Love you both! Lynne


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