Sunset Bay Marina to Ocean Club Port Canaveral

We were supposed to arrive at Port Canaveral a couple of months ago..  Sometimes life just gets in the way and in this case it was Hurricane Harvey, followed by Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria!!!  So glad this hurricane season is about over!!

Day one we overnighted at the Fort Pierce City Marina where we watched the HOUSTON ASTROS BEAT the YANKEES clenching the American League Championship and are now headed to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Day two up the ICW  was pleasant.   We had 15-25 knot winds off the stern and enjoyed the ride from our fly bridge.  We saw alot of dolphins and passed several large yachts that were heading south. Most were on their way to the FLL boat show.  This one however was only going as far as Fort Pierce.   What a Beauty!


Telemar Bay Marina in Melbourne was our next stop. A quiet Marina just off the ICW on the banana river. At sunset we watched a women’s rowing team out for a workout while Dolphins entertained us off the back deck as well.



Day three we arrived at The Ocean Club where we will leave the QM for a month.  Right away we spotted a huge manatee feeding in the slip directly behind us.  What a special treat!

Disney cruiship Dream leaving the port…


Lunch at Grills…Bahamian chowder and a hamburger…Yum!





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One thought on “Sunset Bay Marina to Ocean Club Port Canaveral

  1. That is so exciting to see the manatee in person… I’d love to snorkel with them! Nice photo… Lucky photo, eh? Your doing such a great Jib with your blog… You may want to consider slipping into a VLOG format with some of your great photos/videos.


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