Stuart, FL here we come!

In March, we met with AJ of Burr Yachts sales in Stuart and the next several days were spent doing sea trials, a marine survey and haul out inspection.  Upon receiving all reports, there were no red flags and we closed on the boat as scheduled.  Our son Garrett joined us for this process.  I’m sure he was pretty bored through most of it as he had to endure all the “slow boating” up and down the ICW while we checked everything out and the weather was pretty lousy.  Not an easy task for a 30 year old who has the need for speed.  However, when it came time to lower the tender for sea trial he was more than eager to assist!  After taking it our for a test run, he assured us it would make a suitable tender! LOL!

We were exhausted from the rigorous exam of the boat but enjoyed a nice dinner in Fort Lauderdale celebrating Garrett’s 30th birthday before flying home the next day.


Hauling her out for inspection!



Another Fleming currently at our marina 🙂   (the one in the middle)

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