Let’s do this!

…These are the famous last words I jokingly shouted before entering the Miami Boat show in mid February, 2017.

It has been our dream to one day own a trawler and cruise her up the East Coast and around the Caribbean.  We attended several boat shows in years past to learn about the different styles of trawlers on the market.  In the fall of 2014 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show, Fleming Yachts debuted their new 58.  She was  beautiful!  We were given a tour and right away we felt “at home” aboard and knew then that this was the one for us!  We also knew that purchasing a boat of this caliber would require more of our time than we had to spend so we put off our dream of owning her until the timing was “right”.

Fast forward three years…Jeff and I decided to attend the Miami Boat Show  at the last-minute just for fun.  If you’ve never attended one and you love anything that has to do with the boating lifestyle, you really should go! There are literally hundreds of boats everywhere.  Super Yachts to center consoles,  power and sail.  And best of all you get to go on them and check them out!

We worked our way through several docks until we arrived at the Flemings.  We already knew the company’s reputation for building a solid seaworthy boat and couldn’t wait to see the 58 again.  What we didn’t know was that a 58 was for sale at the show!   I tried to hold back my excitement as reps from Burr Yacht Sales gave us an in-depth tour.  The next two days we literally spent all day asking questions and going over all her specs/systems.  We returned to our hotel room in the evening… tossing and turning all night because we both knew we wanted her but were but were daunted by the logistics of it all!!  In the end, we decided if not now….when?!  Sometimes you just have to jump in.  But really?? Who goes to a boat show and actually comes home with a boat?  WE DO!!


It was love at first sight!


Jeff and AJ from Burr Yacht Sales….where’s the dotted line? choke choke lol!!!


It’s official and we couldn’t be happier for this next phase of our lives together!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s do this!

  1. Your New Year’s cruise looked like great FUN! We would love to have joined you guys… one of these days…. ! I dream of taking a few ‘spins’ around the old ballroom floor in that historic Ponce de Leon hotel!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and narrative of your trip… I felt little bit like I was there, and it was ‘good times’! Also, I loved the fact that you can now post video …. So really cool! Love to see more of that… Hugs to you both.


  2. I love that you are doing this journal/blog – What a FUNtastic and FAntaBULOUS idea – I look forward to traveling with you “vicariously’ and physically (hint, hint…) Your prose left me with a palpable feeling of the excitiemt you felt on this weekend!! That is one STUNNING boat!!!

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